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Join Shweta Soni and Sara Kramer as they explore how you can change your relationship with your memory by understanding it, reshaping how you use it and expanding your skills base.

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Listen to Sara and Shweta as they explore how you can change your relationship with your memory

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Workshops and Q&A 

Life is full and hectic
Supercharge your memory 
while holistically feeding your other needs

Take responsibility without added pressure

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or join us for a Q&A session

This Q&A will be on The Necessity of Intention (How to create lasting memories). It will include

  •  an explanation of how intention relates to attention
  • ·a tiny bit of theory and the dynamic nature of memory
  • understanding the importance of emotion 
  • the importance of linking new information to other things
  • some strategies to create lasting memories
  • lots of opportunities to ask questions

This Q&A will be on Memory Overload and will include

  • the impact of attention and intention 
  • ·a tiny bit of theory about the impact if stress
  • a brief review of the importance of purposeful breathing 
  • some strategies to prevent memory overload
  • lots of opportunities to ask questions

This Q&A will be on The Importance of Forgetting and will include

  • why forgetting is natural and normal 
  • how forgetting can be beneficial
  • ways to control what we forget or remember 
  • the impact of negative self-belief
  • lots of opportunities to ask questions

Online Q&A, 13 April 2024: The Impact of Emotion on Memory

This Q&A will be on how emotion affects our sub-conscious memories and will include

  • understanding how sub-conscious memories are formed
  • how emotional interpretation of a situation affects behaviour
  • why the body responds to the power of thought
  • ways to alter our perception and responses to events
  • utilising the power of positive self-belief
  • lots of opportunities to ask questions

Supercharge your memory while holistically feeding your other needs too, and enhance your mind state with a community of like minded souls.
Full day workshop in an idyllic site in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty  just 10 minutes South of Canterbury.

£150.  Earlybird £90 if booked before 30 June 2023
This includes workbook and refreshments. Please bring your own lunch.

This workshop will include:
 - identifying your personal strengths
 - the important role of forgetting 
 - how to reduce distractions and improve your ability to focus
 - strategies to strengthen your memory
 - understanding how confidence impacts memory

Location: New School Canterbury. Garlinge Green Road. Chartham. Kent CT4 5RU

(This workshop requires a minimum of 8 participants)

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Stop Memory Overload
Practical strategies to
make memory storage and retrieval more efficient

The Importance of Forgetting
Understand the benefits  and problems that forgetting can cause
Pay Attention!
Understand how to focus 
your attention 


Create Lasting Memories
The power of active processes, purposeful attention and a strong intention

The Power of Positive Thought

See how thoughts, emotions and memory are linked

Explore Personal Strengths and Challenges
Assess your memory strengths and weaknesses


Areas Covered By Our 

These unique workshops aim to:

  • supercharge and enhance your memory by addressing underlying physical and emotional needs 
  • directly addressing your memory skills 

Just as science has shown that we function well when our emotional and physical needs are met, these are also critical for an improvement in memory functions. 

If other methods have failed or techniques have been ineffective, this might just be the place for you.

Small groups ensure the workshops will meet everyone's needs and provide the opportunity to work on individual skills with personalised support.